Question:  Who will be allowed to be involved?
• Board (International and National)
• Administrative staff
• Coaching staff
• Academy players
• School staff
• Church families
• Community resource friends and volunteers
• Future International Tour Partnership with Playing • Overseas for Christ, Ltd.
• National partnering organizations
• International partnering organizations
• Paulsson's, Incorporated
• Coastal Carolina Soccer Camp and Academy
• International Foundations
• International church sponsors
• International church mission trips
• Coaching Charities
Question:  What will be the end results for the academy players?
• A Christian family lifestyle
• A Soccer Education
• A High School and University Education
• A Community Service Vision
• Leaders in Serving Christ
• Mission thinking players
• Quality Soccer Players with professional playing abilities sharing Christ
• Eternal security for those who find Jesus Christ the one and only Savior
• More kids in heaven through soccer
Question:  What three main program areas of ministry does GSM emphasize:
Answer:  Biblically based development of our Christian leadership through coaching education. Outreach activities such as club team programs, academy programs, youth soccer camps, clinics and adult semi-pro teams. The building of physical GSM International soccer training academy community centers in the countries we are located
Question:  What is the layout for GSM International soccer academy training centers?
•A soccer facility with six training fields and one field with a small stadium will be built alongside the Academy players homes.
•The facility will be used to promote soccer training and soccer tournaments in the surrounding community.
• Professional coaches will staff the facility and it will include state of the art training centers and equipment. 
• The Center will coordinate children and youth leagues, summer camps, coaching seminars, work with adult leagues and much more. 
• Our Ministry will serve local neighborhoods, area schools and the professional and national soccer teams, making the gospel available to children and adults that otherwise could never be reached.
• A Soccer Academy will be developed to prepare and train young players that will one day play professionally in their country and around the world. 
• One of our long term goals is to have our own professional Christian men's team serving the Lord through soccer ministry.
Question:  What is the reason G.S.M. exists?
Bring players through a Christian Soccer Academy environment to know and live Christian standard based on God's Holy Words and Biblical Teachings.
Provide an Academic Christian Education.
Provide local and regional community service program opportunities developing leadership and service to others.
Provide a future in career of Soccer.
Use soccer, as a sport, to share Christ with others (The Great Commission).
Develop a family life for each Academy Player.
Develop players that read God's word and grow spiritually.
Develop opportunities for further academic educational experiences.
Develop opportunities for employment opportunities.
Question:  What are the opportunities for our acadeny future players in the countries we operate our ministry from?
When players turn 18 they will move into an on campus apartment like living area or other arrangements.
If they remain on the GSM campus they will learn to further care for themselves with limited supervision while they finish their college education and receive the training they need to provide for themselves for years to come.
They may play soccer professionally, some may get a college education, and others may learn a working trade, while others will go into soccer ministry or other ministries.
Question:  Are you interested in Global Soccer Ministries International?
We would be happy to speak with you and come to your school, club, organization, church or foundation to share intimately about GSM with you. You can actually have Paul Banta come to your organization and do Christian Principle Soccer coaching education programs for your soccer group. For more information on GSM or to have a leadership coaching training program in soccer please use our contact information.
Question:  Does GSM do soccer mission tours?
Answer:  Starting in 2007 we will be operating International Soccer Ministry Tours to Guatemala,and Jamaica. We can also do tours to major tounament around the world that have no mission work. These Tours are for club, high school, university and senior team tours. Go to our Soccer Tours page on our home page for more information or use our contact page to get in touch with us.
Question:  Does GSM do mission trips for youth and adult church groups?
Answer:  Starting in 2007 we will be operating Ministry Trips to Guatemala and Jamaica. These trips are for youth and adult church groups. Go to our Mission Trip link on our home page for more information or use our contact page to get in touch with us.
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